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Feedback for Mark Of Darkness
  • This discussion is related to the Mark Of Darkness game.

    Choose your fate and prepare to enter a massive online world filled with adventure.
  • like
  • thank you very much
  • This game is awesome.
  • excellente game!
  • This is kinda next generation for flash game because you can now PRESSING right click not like other games
    And at any rate the dialog is hilarious
    Shout out for developers for amazing RPG flash game
  • It sfun
  • its blackscreen
  • deodeo
    awesome game!
  • deodeo



  • deodeo
  • deodeo
    it takes so long to load!
  • how to get the green jewel from the chief?
  • I don't know what to do :(
  • deodeo
    go to the cave
  • where's the cave?
  • I can't go out to the forest too because I have a quest from the chief
  • deodeo
    flip the question of the chief
  • i block to the quest :

    buy a sword of ligth
  • deodeo
    click the blacksmith and click the quest its 3000 gold
  • where the blacksmith ?
  • in the underground
  • any other quest after defeating the darkness and killing the asassin back in the hut?
  • where can i buy the sword of light
  • where's the swamp? i can't go to it
  • My game can't load