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Feedback for Kick Out Bieber
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    Baby, Baby, Baby...It's time to kick Justin Bieber outta here! The rockers are mad Justin's music is so terrible so they are going to "play ball" with his body and singing career.
  • wooow im the first to comment.

    This game is good.but i hate JUSTIN BIEBER
  • same
  • thats why im playing it I HATE JUSTIN BEIBER

  • i win

  • 3>>>>>>>tae
  • 75 seconds biotch
  • i am so going to kill jb..... i wonder what i would hear more of..... girls cryin of boys cherin
  • i hate jb so i shot him in the head
  • maxmax
    yes i did it
  • im a girl but i hate justin bieber
  • who likes me?
  • ye fatality
  • wooooooohoooo i love it cuz i hate bieber xD
  • justin bieber sucks
  • god game bad biber
  • 67 seconds
  • I HATE HIM!!!!!
  • 35 seconds
  • lol lots of haters good ಠ_ಠ
  • a normal gutiar aint enoth*grabs a gutar size of jupiter*BYE BYE :3
  • haters gonna hate
  • 53 seconds. Booya!
  • 52 seconds oooh ya
  • i no like justin beiber