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Hack Sherwood Dungeon MMorpg
  • this game is about lvl so i want to be invincible and have infinite health and have all the best weapons and of course become the highest lvl of the game and thnx for this awsome website and i want infinite money and i want to do heavy damage when in battle
  • and heres the link if you need http://www.maidmarian.com/sherwood.htm and this is a multiplayer game kind of like xbox live so i hope u have no problem hacking it and thnx and if you cant then i understand
  • i dont think they can do but hacker if you cant give me a link to a hacker pro website who can
  • pienso que tambien que tenga todos los pet y aliados
  • sabias que tiene todos los pets y aliados

    NO SABIAS dennys
  • I want to be undefeated or 1 shot to do damage to 999999999 damage and give life to be IFIN and be free to pet and groom shots that you have given one shot or two shots and died will rogggg ...... and be the best of all when I come to do that iam duel and killed on the spot and have damage 999999999999999 name is LegendxKill put tineva haked to LegendxKill ok pliz
  • and Level I want to be my 9999999
  • NO!
    This is MMORPG
    So dont try it