...    players online request your hacks


cringe but
  • Years and years ago, at this point while you are reading this, maybe even decades long before, thousands of shitposts (1,686 recorded shitty-ass-fuck threads from WaybackMachine.com) existed from hundreds of dedicated shitposters. Recently, the administrators of this retched shithole have purged our glorious and ancient history, and now, it begins anew. A blank slate for HFG. For you, viewer, to perhaps fill once more..?

    I did enjoy visiting this site every now and then and reminiscing of how fucking unbelievably autistic-ly, ahem, """""creative""""", I was at such a young age, but I digress. This site was the foundation of where I built upon my English and Literature skills, and for that much, I should respect it, to that very extent. This site was home to, and still is home to, once hundreds of unique users who were both experts in critiquing flash games and roleplaying with one hand whilst masturbating furiously with the other. We were weird. And for that, thank you HFG.

    I doubt there will be anyone to read this, and I don't see this site ever spilling into next year. But for those who are interested in continuing our ritual and tradition of chronic, absolutely-spastic shitposting, you can learn more about us, or what we once were, here --

    https://archive.org/web/ (link broke, copy and paste hfg homepage link and go to "off-topic")

    I remember vividly typing, "I quit." onto my LCD Monitor. I simply stared at my screen for the longest time. It hit me how dearly I kept this site to me, even after the shit it had thrown at me. This site holds so many great memories for me, and even though I said I quit, I never did. I lurked through the site and posted how I've returned, but by the time I posted there was no one there to acknowledge it. I could never quit this site.

    Have fun,
    Generic (as of 3/25, am 16.)

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    A Poem for HFG
    MeeeeephMeeeeeph October 2013

    The Games we play,that was unhacked.
    Was a little hard, Untill Something happend.
    Little did we know,This site was created.

    2 Admins worked together,to make the hacks.
    Many Players joined,But some are'nt good.
    Spammers,Pervs, And many more.
    Good Thing,The Two Admins Banned Them.
    For not Respecting The Terms Of Service.

    HackedFreegames, We thank you!
    For all the hacked Games.
    Some Hacks are God Mode and Unlimited everything!
    But to show we respect the site, We must obey the ToS.

    =) Hope you liked it HFG (=
  • .. and how can I post my memories of this site without shouting out some of our weaponized autism? The alumni of this miserable site, yes. --

    -Chlaxxen (BrutalOffense)

    Apologies if I forgot to mention you. And with that being said, I leave you for another year.
  • what the fuck this was not a good thing to log onto
    like im actually kinda sad that its gone now
  • This place is where I learned that every word in a sentence shouldn't start with a capital letter

    Im about to cry
  • why did this die anyways? could have been something wonderful for many more years.
  • I buried these memories in my desktop folder. Dont you worry simply press print and then ctrl+v every memorable parts using a paint application. And yes my english is still duwang. But that doesnt mean i wont forget every bits ive done so far by crap posting every corner. Still i be here if anything gets interesting. Might aswell be a time capsule at some point. Cheers space cowboys.
  • i am the only one who's managing OT you miserable fucks
  • fake and gay, generic is actually a chad thats banging multiple bitches while fingering her own sister who's only 12 years old, wait what
  • pain
  • man i cant wait to check back here after like 6 months
  • I'll fill this place with shithead memes and dumb posts galore even if only one person is here to see it all.