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Recorded message: Doomsday for OT
  • If you are seeing this the worst has happened OT has died most members have quit this has sat in my draft box since the start of OT I knew it would fail sooner or later but was unsure when exactly it would happen this is Jason2000 (Or what ever my name might be) signing off for the last time.

    Amendment: Although OT's time has come and gone I still miss each and every one of the people I've met here. Please visit the other forum post and do NOT be shy to hit me up. I may not be Dante or whatever stupid thing anymore but im still the same person (Or goose as before)
  • all good things must come to an end, but I refuse to accept that. can't believe we barely even lasted before one piece ever reaches its conclusion
  • I mean the site had a good 4 years but the community doesn't need to end lol just needs to move frankly