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Realm of the mad god hacked
  • this is a game http://www.erstgames.com/game/503/realm-of-the-mad-god i play i think it's not that hard with cheats/hackes i think this should be a game to hack: realm of the mad god" if you want to now where to get it go to(this is crap LOL) HACKS: take no damge,more wepones, maxed stats(in game stats) play alone or online (only ppl playing hacked) well that's all oh and 1 more this is maybe the BEST! change of time like see nexus in old or see wut it looked like in other things (LOL make sence?) thats all!

    WARNING:um..... ... hm........ false alarm
  • google chrome web store it free
  • is a multiplayer game and its hard, ve good to hack it, we need al your say and a more thing more:
    lvl 999. and all characters unlocked. thanks for opening this. Goodbye
  • it doesnt works
  • the hack does not work
  • hack nothing to be work its not work hack not word ipe2004 hacks not work!
  • why does no one use proper english?
  • Ain't happening cause it's multiplayer

  • Seriously, we need to ban these people from the forums. CAUSE THEIR JUST ****ING SAYING RANDOM ****.
  • dude i dont think we can ban idiots
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  • Some games cheats is just make us go play those games, those guy is #####
  • Well, saintsrow was banned.
  • If you wanna play Realm of the Mad God online and cheat at the same time. I found a working hack:

    have fung guys <3 see you on ROTMG
  • Nandro those hacks only works if you have 1000 fame earned another thing kongregate doesnt work steam i dont know Q~Q
  • make it single player maybe
  • I found those rotmg hacks yesterday, check those out. They where still working this morning so if someone is interested in those im puting links below. I don't know how long will they work so i sugest you to use them asap. Anyway here are those rotmg hack that i found. I hope you will find them useful as i did.

    Rotmg potion Hack: http://goo.gl/qovov
    Rotmg Item Dupe Hack: http://goo.gl/6LBN1
    Rotmg Fame and Gold Cheat: http://goo.gl/yrrv8

    Enjoy, peace out!
  • you cant download hacks for the place you said Morbitx! you hav to go through a thousand surveys and still wont let you download anything!
  • ikr, i just want someone to fudging hack it already, i just lost a lvl 19 warrior to some arsehole mexican realm god. i mean, im pretty sure youe already managed to hack multiplayer games, do it again.
  • They have never hacked a multiplayer, now **** off.

    UMG. Wih nuh oone reeds da rules?
  • how does the link let u hack??
  • YOU THINK THEN THERES SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW! THERE IS A WIKI IF YOU CHICK ON GOOGLE TYPE:Realm of the mad god then you scorrl down you see the word hack or cheats you can download it!
  • Dude, ever heard of scams? They trick you into typing your username and password then steal your account and make you regret everything.
  • you think people on a game site would know this