...    players online request your hacks community


  • unlimited money
    everything bought
  • unlimited health and ammo
  • unliminited live ammo money all lv ALL BOGHT
  • god mode and unlimited everything
  • oil
    yea pls hack
  • if you guys still think that its locked in armor games , think again
    its not hacked though , their lying , its just "renamed" hacked

    please hack it people ,
    it is REALLY addicting
  • on elimination unlimited lives, on deatchmatch no lose, on juggernaut when kill you they not score you yes, capture the flag flag bonus 1000 credits
  • god unlimited money unlimited sheild plz hack it it is out coz i played it plzzzzzz
  • or all combined from what other people said
  • Unlimited everything
  • health ammo etc.
  • Do everything everybody said except make it where you can turn it off whenever you want.
    Edit 1: shouldn't it be hacked already? The game was alrady released.
  • lollol
    not site locked anymore
  • True, Raze 2 is out already. Could you please hack it? You don't need to unlock weapons/credits, just unlimited health.
  • 9999999 creds possibly unlimited ammo and Unlimited health
  • unlimited health, ammo, money and all equipment, abilities, and weapons
  • plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz it's released
  • its site locked till november 21st now shut up u kids
  • you can fly
  • unlimited ammo,health, credits and unlocked alien campain
  • on beginning you got every weapon that you chosen
  • I agree with seba540 and BrianChavez
  • Bah, still not hacked
  • hack it hack it hack it make it so u can god mode also istant kill mode :)
  • lolollolololololololololololoolol says with a slow voice................i agree with everybody in this page
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