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Anti-Idle The Game (Awesome Update)
  • I was wondering if:


    Could be hacked... I want:

    Unlimited Yellow coins, Green coins, blue coins, stadium coins, battle arena rank, level, pixels, crafting material, ect... That would be great! Even just everything in shop free! Anything you can do to it that makes it easier would be nice. Really. Thank you in advance!
  • @DavidBirchfield, the game is sitelocked. If you find it on a website other than kongregate it means someone removed the sitelock which is not legal. Not sure if it will be released free at some point but until then we can't touch it.
  • Oh, thank you for telling me!
  • what is site-lock? is it exactly how it sounds?
  • Site-Locked traditionally means the file will only work on that particular website (kongregate.com) and wont work if the swf is "stolen" and placed on another website.
  • ok but im know the secret save file to anybody can hack it without using any machine
    ask me for that if you want to.
  • hey, if you go to kongregate, someone says control-click on a savefile to safely hack it, try it.
  • Then you do it
  • virus rvbeddsworld, your'e stubid, i dont kow how tu hack.
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  • How the **** was I suppose to know eh
  • And your grammar sucks ass too.....
  • that ruins the fun noob
  • Noob? I don't see a point of how I'm a noob. We aren't learning anything! Possibly because you don't know what noob means... -.- I see no fun on this RYH thread. Nothing is fun in the RYH's section.
  • See that guy that started this RYH thread? He's smart. See the others? They're dumb.