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Feedback for Theme Hotel
  • This discussion is related to the Theme Hotel game.

    Construct and develop your hotel, from the scratch to highrise superior resort, crowded by happy guests!
  • can't play
  • So easy to get 5 stars!!!
  • Good game
  • good
  • goood
  • lol i pwned
  • god good
  • very easy :D
  • the hotel is huge
  • my hotel is very very big
  • fun and it so easy
  • one of the best life style games
  • same
  • this game is awsome
  • hi i m new here nice to meet every bodu p.s. can tell me the funnest game??
  • fuk stupid servent slow like pig
  • good game'
  • *at home* MUST FIND PLUS BUTTON!
  • amazing how you just press the loan button and 50,000 just will pop out of nowhere! dang, i wish i could do that in real life
  • my hotel space is ful and i even dint get 5 star i got 3 :( now i am ganna try again LOL
  • EPIC!!! this is mint!
  • hay fireheonix to me the funist game is raze2
  • ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • can any body help me find a game it got flagmacth and death macht it got knife pistol m14 rifle and smg it hack is invurleble and infinity ammo
  • My hotel it was all mess