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Feedback for Coal Express 3
  • This discussion is related to the Coal Express 3 game.

    Coal Express is back in the form of version 3, this time with more features like shop to upgrade the trains with speed , acceleration, and balance to help you complete the levels as you go through them. Also there are different island s to unblock and some wicked trains too unblock, so jump on board this coal express and enjoy the adventure
  • dam game
  • f**k game.......
  • kontol game ny
  • ass game cuz it has a hole
  • lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ****ING GAME!!!!!!
  • if this game is good say it is good
  • you train just wobbles around the dick
  • nice

  • dhruv and i indians
  • Nice but my mouse is broken :(
  • 100/100!!!