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Nitrome Must Die (N.M.D)
  • http://www.nitrome.com/games/nitromemustdie/index.html
    unlimited health,unlimited ammo,one shot one kill
    Nitrome Must Die (N.M.D)
  • 2/10/2012 Cheats:Lots of Health,gun,shiled New Shiled Meag Money
  • unlimited health,unlimited ammo,one shot one kill Hp:999999999999999999999999999999,All Level Unlock in Nitrome Must Die (N.M.D)
  • unlimited healt
    unlimited ammo
    save option!
  • unlimited ammo and health and you get a machine gun with 1 and BC arrow with 2 sucker punch with 3,boomerang with 4,minigun with 5 and fart with 6
  • love game
  • unlimited ammo unlimited health and butons for guns 1machine gun 2mini gun and everthings guns please
  • unlimited health and 1000 ammo for every weapon
  • you no need to wait put: arcade pre hacks nitrome must die hacked
  • but on thi site
  • that game auto saves
  • auto save yeeeeeeey
  • super duper fast shots and all weapons are with ultimate ammo and ultimate life and u can swich weapons any time u want
  • yea do it doitdoitdoit
  • I am thinking they can't hack nitrome games
  • how to get it cuz i cant find any hack on N.M.D
  • They can't hack nitrome games..... hack it ur self .

    Nitrome cant be hacked because They make game safe and Rlly Defenced website
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    _____________________________________________________________________ @@@@@
  • No, its just site-locked.
  • OOOOO No
  • OOOOO Yes
  • it can't be
  • ...hacked. No, it can't be hacked.
  • exactly