...    players online request your hacks community


  • all levels unlocked you have naN health and more ammo
  • heck?
  • what the hell
  • is it out yet? if it is please provide the link...if its not why the hell did u make this discussion!?
  • wtf if there is already stuff that i saw on the internet about playing raze 4 then there should already be a raze three
    pisses me off
  • Maybe Raze 3 will never be created, we have Strike Force Heroes for now.
  • That's Raze 2, but someone tried to put "Raze 3" as the name in his/her site, by the way, IT SAYS RAZE 2 IN THE PRELOADER, ASSHOLE!
  • Raze 3 will NEVER be created.
  • Strike force heroes is not a sequel of Raze
  • the sequel of raze, called Raze 3, has already been created ... but the creators did not even libararan
  • Oh, really? Give me the link.
  • But, Strike Force Heroes is similar to what you would expect in Raze 3. Strike Force Heroes was created from the creators from Raze 3, it has Raze 2 graphics and it has a different characters and a shop!
  • You're right, but Strike Force Heroes hacked sucks, really... At least 65% of the people that played it agrees with changing the hacks.
  • guys it just says more levels and updates but it dose not have more levels and updates
  • Wheres that Bull**** at? Give me the link.
  • wen the **** would we have Raze 3!>_<<br />
  • i cant we would have Raze 3! @$!*#
  • Raze 3 is coming in three months... Or four, or... Whatever.
  • maybe even a year.
  • come on already
  • Leave, now.