...    players online request your hacks community


sand of the coliseum
  • its dangerous to be alone! take this!
  • ill try give me 4 days ok
  • ok! do your best! virus...
  • sunday ok! i counting on you
  • Hack this game please..
  • damn sorry stuffed it up sorry I cant hack this game sorry Leave it to HFG sorry
  • omg ! :(
  • xD lol u do it then its hard sort of
  • this game never be hacked ?
  • nooo! why? could you! you are promise to me..man!

  • I can try, but I can't promise anything.
    I'll try tomorrow.
  • thanks mate :}
  • I have a badminton club this afternoon, I'll try after I get back from that (about 2:30 hours).
    Okay, I'm gonna try now, but don't expect any results.
  • I've found one hack so far, unlimited skill points. I'll try and find stat points and money before I upload it though.

    Alright, found unlimited stat points too, now for money :P

    Alright x2, found money hack (buying stuff from shop adds money instead of subtracting it). Now I just need to upload the hacked game.
  • I'm uploading it now, but considering the speed of my internet, it could be a couple hundred years before it's ready.

    [4 hours later] Uploading 60%...
  • ohh
  • hfg_webmaster not hear me!!
    hfg_manager not hear me too!
    but those games are in the coming soon.
    **** yea!
  • make it 7/20/2012 %$#*****

  • its not comming soon.. now is july 20..but i post the previous comment its june 11..
  • I downloaded the hacked version that Xenos made, THANKYOU XENOS!
  • thats why this web not hack those games..so the member hack..
  • its not there yet
  • the xenos hack this game..and i play it..its work..