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Strike Force Heroes
  • I know SFH on Armor Games and Not Doppler is site-locked and im waitin for it in another site(I'll find a site after the 30th)to see SFH.

    1)Infinite War funds

    2)Infinite health

    3)Infinite ammo

    4)Lvl 50

    5)All campaign lvls unlocked

  • not agree with all campagin
  • yeah same we can do it oursleves
  • it is on armorgames.com
  • i disagree with infinite health because then we cant die and respawn to be someone new like the assassin
  • agree
  • i dont agree with all campaing and lvl 50
  • http://www.topgamesfree.net/game649-strike-force-heroes/playgame/ that game is on this website if u cant get it from notdoppler
  • I stand corrected for health, don't add infinite health
  • @Shaoaran I don't agree with not agreeing with the lvl.
    The purpose I talked about the lvl is unlocking stuff
  • @AlphaReconXD why need to unlock all the levels? it is easy in the campaign... i'd rather if they unlocked instead all the challenges..
  • the game will be out at june 20th HFG told me.
  • The hacks i don't agree it should be like this

    1)All guns are free

    2)Unlimited Health

    3)Max Level

    4)all campaign levels are unlock

    5)unlimited bullets
    Credit to JakeCowden:If you don't die,how can you respawn to another class?
  • @Domz23 The game is out already in Armorgames and NotDoppler,but there site-locked
    They will be added in other websites after June 30th
  • 50X health WHO AGREE
  • Nah :P
  • then how about 10X health?
  • NOEZ!
  • i am ****ing pissed
  • i just got on google typed the game in and i looked at 1000 pages and found all of them not hacked yet or not the game
  • Unlimited heath and Unlimited money, infinite ammo, all weapons, skills and killstreaks unlocked. (Strike Force Heroes Hacks)
  • B to activate Unlimited Health N to deactivate
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