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Read before posting! Rules for requesting hacks
  • Template for requesting a game

    Topic Title:
    Name of Game

    In Post:
    Name of game
    Link to Game (Must include an actual link to the game page. Not just armorgames.com)
    Hacks you want or Leave it up to the hacker

    - Request a game that has already been hacked or has already been requested.
    - Request any "FULL VERSIONS" of any games!
    - Request any hacks for "PREMIUM ITEMS" that require money like MochiCoins!
    - Spam topics or bump topics over a week old.
    - Request facebook games

    - Search for you game on www.hackedfreegames.com to make sure it hasn’t been hacked or requested already.
    - Put the name of the game in the title of your topic.
    - Provide a link directly to a page the game is on. Link must be to a page that does not require membership to view.
    - State what hacks you want or that it is up to the hacker. If you don’t say anything, we will assume it is up to the hacker.
    - Wait at least 24 hours for a response. If no response is given feel free to bump the topic.
    - Once a hacker states they are going to hack it they have 12 hours to finish, please be patient.
    - Respect the people hacking the game. They are doing their best.

    Games we can’t hack, so don’t ask
    - Java or Shockwave games.
    - Unity3D games.
    - Android games.
    - iPhone games.
    - Facebook games.
    - Nitrome games (made by www.nitrome.com)
    - Online games.
    - Multiplayer or MMO games
    - Games with premium items that can be bought with money
    - We can’t hack demo games to be full featured

    The original text taken from APH and HAG. Thanks guys!
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