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Feedback for Goblin Flying Machine
  • This discussion is related to the Goblin Flying Machine game.

    This little goblin is crazy, he has built a flying machine and wants to fly high up into the sky! There is nothing left to do but to help him fly as high as possible in order to earn more points!
  • 1st I Like The Game
  • 2rd yes
  • 3rd i guess
  • 4th xD first time
  • nice 5th
  • is this a ****in' race???!!! no one gives a **** if you're 1st! really it's getting old
  • i know it is geting old and chlaxxen13s is going to ceep doing that if you guys dont stop
  • Agreed^ It's old and annoying. :P
  • how do i post a video on the comments