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Gemcraft Labyrinth Premium Edition!!
  • Look the original is fun but its not really that much fun with premium locked so I will include a link to the site that I found Premium.

  • dude they cant hack premium items as they cost real money
  • Game developers eat too, they need the money. How would be your life if you had no money?
  • Look the website has already has the premium version up for free so taking it from this site is in the same effect. All I'm asking is for them to take the game from that website and apply the hacks that they have in the current Gemcraft Labyrinth to this one i found on another website.
  • Oh, I don't give a ****, games CANNOT be re-hacked.
  • Take it easy, Hotsian.

    Any game that has been hacked cannot be rehacked, sorry.

    However, you can go to another website and request it there.
    Please come back once you do!