...    players online request your hacks community


  • Wow. What the fucking shit? I googled "HFG" and I never found this site.

    Found: "HFG: Hacking For Girls"

    Found: "Hochschule für Gestaltung"
    Reaction: "wat"

    Found: "Heerema Fabrication Group"
    Reaction: "what is this i don't even"
  • try "hacked free games" instead of HFG
  • He was testing if HFG is important enough to be on top lol
  • oh ok
  • ◔_◔ lol
  • whoa how do you do that mage?
  • This?

  • He's got an app for that.
  • OMG outside of this site HFG stands for: Hand-Foot-Genital syndrome I LOOKED IT UP.
  • O_0
  • Woah, that ****'s ****ing it up.

    No, seriously, what?
  • ಠ▃ಠ that is stupid lol
  • I don't find it funny
  • I Looked It Up Here's The Result
    "Hegde Fund Group"
    Reaction: LOL?
  • HA! nice