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Feedback for Drag Racer V3
  • This discussion is related to the Drag Racer V3 game.

    Drag race other cars, modify your car, buy parts, change internal and external look.
  • this is AmAzInG
  • great game, got past the speed of sound once.
  • cool,i aint good with tha gear switchin
  • not bad but i can not shift properlly because some made it too fast 4 most people
  • Engine Keeps breaking,what am i doing wrong? Can someone help?
  • Yes,i can help,you have to time it right,if you do not shift gears for 3or5 seconds thats where you break down.Also to shift gears you need to press the up or down arrows. Gear up is up arrow Gear down is down arrow.
  • This is for Gabriellese.
  • Hope this helps!
  • But i hate this game
  • and i dont like you neither.
  • this game is retarded it keeps saying engine broke down
  • learn to drive then because u press up when ur car needs to change gear dum twat
  • just driven 1004mph beat that XD
  • just driven 2013 beat that mother ****er
  • Hey gameboy, a gameboy is retarded!!!
  • who still has a gameboy color?
  • engine type: asshauler lol!!
  • i just buy an lamborgini reventon by using my cheats
  • but i really had somany cheats
  • hey gamboy gameboy is a dum playing items the real one that is good that playstation3
  • i ain't good at switchin gears
  • how do u turn the cheats on
  • hey how to use nos in this GAME?