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Creepypasta - Skyrim
  • Do you know the game Skyrim? It's an awesome RPG, where you can explore dungeons, mountains, and more. You are playing as a hero called Dovahkiin or Dragonborn.

    So, I played Skyrim yesterday. I bought a house in Riften. I decided to decorate my house. I entered my house and noticed something. There was a mannequin next to me. I looked at him and noticed something again. The mannequin had no hands. I thought it was a glitch. I decided to go to sleep. After 6 hours I woke up. The mannequin stood in front of me. I was fucking scared. The mannequin had a freaky face. He grinned at me. I took my deadric sword and beat him a few times. I left the freaking house, but what I saw next, scared me a lot. Everyone was dead. All the guards and civilians were dead. It was night and I heard a whisper. I turned around and saw the fucking mannequin. He had red eyes. He started to attack me. I tried to kill him with my deadric sword, but he was too strong. I had enough and turned off my PS3. I searched "Skyrim mannequins" on the Internet and this is what I found:

    Tumblr m35ub3oOso1rq2rgjo1 500
  • Lolwut, that looks like clayface from batman.
  • Lol, scary story bro... WANT TO SEE IT ON OWN ****ING EYES!
  • My god my heart just started running
  • Scary lol really scary ****s
  • Woah, ****... Creepy as **** ._.
  • Woah, the mannequin wants to hug you.
  • Dafuq was that on the bed?
  • His sword maiden, you can have one in skyrim by buying it somewhere, dunno where though.
  • Ah.
  • This is really scary ._.
  • @dante

    his last victim
  • No, you're wrong Xd
  • I don't even know what that means. But anyways, AMERICA!!! **** YEAH!!!
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  • u ded?
    I LOLZ
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  • America.
  • What?
  • 'murica*
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  • Capten murica
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  • Epic