...    players online request your hacks


Feedback for Combat Tournament Legends
  • This discussion is related to the Combat Tournament Legends game.

    It's time for a combat tournament of epic proportions! Unleash dozens of combos against up to six enemies in a single arena!
  • cool game
  • any one says 1st 2nd 3rd 4rt 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th are noobs
  • you are a faggot WencyGregorio
  • hhahahahahaahhaahha
  • Wncygregorio is a noob he say 2nd
  • nice game

    scroll down

    u r a killer
  • AWSOME GAME..Meat!!
  • 1st suckersss!!!
  • I've been waiting for hacked free games to hack this
  • Wow! I never guessed this to be hacked!
    I remember this when I was 11 and I played it!
  • nice game

    scroll down

    u r a killer
  • I know I am.
  • Finally Thank you HFG
  • amazing game
  • yeah i like red better
  • I requested the hack,Thanks to me.
  • nice games

    scroll down

  • hey guys when i atak a player i cant kill him help

  • the enemy is using cheat too lolz XP
  • IDOL!!!!!!......:)

  • i freaking hate this game. eve on normal they all are like extreme hackers.
  • cool game but its kinda hard to finish it took me 1 hour!!!!!!!!!
  • I like the double range