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Feedback for Toxie Radd 2
  • This discussion is related to the Toxie Radd 2 game.

    TOXIE-RADD 2 is the sequel of the successful Toxie-Radd zombie game.

    * Story

    Joe just escaped from St. Rose state prison, where secret experiments mutated the captives into zombies that Joe had to blast away! After the prison building explosion, a mysterious guy helps him take refuge in the woods, then explaining to Joe the truth about the experiments.

    They both want revenge and Joe shall find answers in an old steel mill to the North.

    There is where he'll go, slaughtering tons of zombies on his path thanks to new firearms and melee weapons and trying to survive to the unstoppable zombification of his mutated body!

    * Goal

    Always go to the North in all 7 different levels, surviving the waves of Zombies and final Bosses.

    Beat all the "zombies to kill" of each level and pick up everything they drop: money to buy your gear, medikits to heal your wounds, ammo and grenades, but most of all pick up the red de-toxie vials to temporarily stop the zombification of your body.

    The green vials on the fields are useful to genetically boost your skills. So get them too.

    At the end kill the final huge boss at the steel mill in order to get access to the secret information that could cure your strange disease and save your life.
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