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Feedback for Pirate Launch
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    While watching over the sea, you spot a large red X on a distant island. Treasure! Arrh!!

    But watch out, the waters are infested with sharks, bombs, and other obstacles. You'll have to launch your dingy from a cannon to try to make it across the water to the island in one run!

    A silly distance game, where you skid out across the water, collecting gold, upgrading your ship, and trying to reach that treasure. Yaarh!
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  • Eh, it's good.
  • Third! To comment i feel so proud... somehow empty
  • 1st.....problem??
  • but your the 4th who comment
  • They don't know...
  • Bean Dance from AnimateIt.net LIVE WITH IT SUCKAS
  • 2ND!!!
  • nice game i love this site its my fav
  • GUYS!... if you say bad words or fight each other,... I will spam a comment so nobody can comment for 1 MONTH!