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Feedback for Madness Accelerant
  • when it loads there is know PLAY button how do you start the game?
  • The dancing guy is from madness regent if you didnt play that play it
  • This is a ****ing bitc\
  • jackshark dont take at the mothers
  • talk*
  • lol
    whats the ****in part uy u hate it?
  • i know madness project and a word i dont know it its start with n
  • is not very very very very very very very barazz i mean badass
  • white screen its ****er
  • this soo amazing (:
  • loads too slooooooooooowwwwwwwww
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa clown and he cant die i killed him but hes not exploding
  • I Swear the Jesus in The Madness Collection Scares me to death
  • who played the scary maze?
  • Torture Mag Agent Are awesome
  • Demon Trick Are Awesome
  • Iam Are Awesome LoL
  • Hank Are Awesome
  • **** spammers
  • im play nightmare
  • Unlocks Bow and arrow - John Rambo
    Unlocks Chain gun - Old Faithful
    Unlocks Sniper rifle - Its a Jackal
    Unlocks Double shotgun - This is my boomstick
    Unlocks Guided launcher - Follow the leader
    Unlocks Drunken launcher - Moonshine
    Unlocks GooGun - Gloop
    Unlocks SparkPlug - 9 Volt
    Unlocks LaserRifle - Alpha
    Unlocks Auto laser rifle - Beta
    Unlocks LaserShotgun - Gamma
    Unlocks Anytime - I dont have time to bleed
    Unlocks Airstrike - Call in artillery
    Unlocks All Levels - You are the moon master
    Unlocks A-Bomb Launcher - Missile launch detected
    Unlocks Soundwaave - Bass in your face
    Unlocks Canyon Lands - Aint no mountain high enough
    Unlocks Underground Lab - Who rides the wrecking ball
    Cute message - iopred
    Programmer message - DayDream
    Unlocks Flak Cannon - Shrapnel
    Unlocks Black Hole Generator - Wash away the rain
    Unlocks Amazon Jungle - Ive got jungle fever
    Unlocks Bladerang - Australians all let us rejoice
  • Genius