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Feedback for Granny Strikes Back
  • This discussion is related to the Granny Strikes Back game.

    Granny Strikes Back is an epic shooter with time management, tower defence and RPG elements.
    Help Granny with special agent skills to clean her forest from hordes of extraterrestrial snowmen trying to steal Granny's most beloved raspberry jam.

    Game features:
    - Shoot your enemies with an unusual gun that shoots fruit and vegetables!
    - Grow various plants to get ammo!
    - Build defence structures to protect your border and house from enemies!
    - Gain experience, improve your skills, get money and buy useful items in the shop.
    - Complete 50 missions with 5 different modes and complete 100 unique quests to gain all achievements and unlock more exciting challenges!
  • haha ganny can shoot with guns is she too old to have guns?
  • second
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  • Baby Game! ;3
  • [ didn't played the game yet ] lol the snowman is trying to take granny's rasberry jam & she strikes back defending her rasberry jam with GUNS. oh one more IS...SHE...TO...OLD...TO...USE...WEAPONS???!!!!!!