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Feedback for Minicraft
  • This discussion is related to the Minicraft game.

    The player must explore the area to collect materials and craft the tools needed to kill monsters and mine better resources, hunting for the Air Wizard in a quest to ensure they are truly alone in the world.

    Minicraft is a top-down scrolling adventure game made in 48 hours by Markus Persson (AKA notch) for the 22nd Ludum Dare contest (2011) with the theme "Alone". It was inspired and heavily influenced by Notch's indie hit game Minecraft, with a key difference being the player's inability to build things - the focus is more on pure survival, combat, and crafting.
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  • 3rd
  • this game is just like minecraft
  • Wow congragultions would you like an award for commenting first?
  • it is minecraft!
  • the loading is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slowwww
  • 4nd and loading is fast
  • 1st
  • LOL it's COOL game!!!
  • good game im loading this game in 32 sec
  • i cant beat a tree and i cant figt :(
  • oh wait i figured it out
  • wiii minicraft in page wiiiiiiiii zombiez 0 aldeans 99999999999
  • -.- 16 mins and still loading
  • the cool thing is Notch, the creator of Minecraft, made this as a smaller but free version of Minecraft
  • who plays minecraft like me my user is IHazCupCakez
  • zombies at day imposibru!
  • look like a good game !!!!!!!!
  • Its take sec to loading
  • guys i find some stone that you couldnt break with stairs taking you upwards.I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS AND I FIND DIAMONS
  • i just love thisgame. i cant play minecraft because i dont have enough to buy it. this is like a replaca of awesome minecraft.
  • @loganpixley you dont need buy it to play you can download the minecraftSP and play but you can't play on servers only in singleplayer