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Feedback for Papa's Cheeseria
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    Flipline Studios' enterprising Papa has run a lot of businesses over the years... or, rather, he's conned you into running them, from donut shops and wing joints all the way to the classic pizzeria and beyond. But you know what people love? People love cheese, and Papa's Cheeseria is all about that oooey-gooey deliciousness in the form of fancified grilled cheese sandwiches. You find yourself working for Papa when your gear gets stolen... see, you're a musician, and you were actually supposed to play at the place, but with all your equipment gone, the only want to earn the cash for new stuff is to get to work. Papa's Cheeseria follows the same format as all the rest of the games... each day, you serve customers until closing, where you're cashed out with any tips you earned to spend on upgrades for the store. You'll take a customer's order, prepare and serve it up the way they ask, as fast and accurate as you can before they get impatient and leave. Not only is every sandwich made up of different breads, meats, cheese and condiments, but it needs to be cooked to each customer's desired doneness, and of course, served with whatever fries and fry toppings they like. Sadly, no key binding exists for "press to demand to know what sort of monster puts ranch dressing and ketchup on their fries".
  • fun game
  • 1st lol and great game
  • yes
  • scary what the scary
  • #TheGoodOne stop with that. That is just lame. Comments are not here for comment championship.
    I doesnt say: Hey comment 1st you will get prizes !
  • Papa games never gets old ;))
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  • TOAST !!!!!
  • read unlike
  • " I have entered spring! Oh, St.Paddy's Day! What the hell is that? Is it the rainbow from Cupcakeria?"
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  • i make TOIAST
  • this game is so good
  • cyka blyat is best gameeeeee
  • cyka blyat is best gameeeeee
  • xdxxdx
    when i first played medic(mean's the worker):hello falaids scout:well dat sucks
  • xdxxdx
    iam painas cupcack and i will eat you
  • xdxxdx
    heavy:where's sandvich scout:go to papa cheseria heavt:pfffffffffffffffffffff nothing like sandvich scout:your the loser