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Feedback for The Bravest Hunter
  • takes too long to load
  • im not gat HarmanBadesha
  • Scroll down to be the first or second in some games.

    Nice doing!

    Scroll down!

    Okay, this is the last.

    Post this on twenty games or you will get bad luck for twenty two years little kid who wants to be first!
  • no SabrinaBintang i'm ur dad and i ****ed ur mom really hard last night
  • This game really needs the health hack D:
  • game needs loading hack
  • :D LAWL ROBLOX.com
  • Ninja Skeleton is awesome !!!
    That kill me one hit !!!
  • what the hell, my savedata lost after 3 days playing this, why???
  • hey I'm not anonymous I'm just a member
  • OH and call me
  • PARTY HARD!!!!
    Batman and Joker Party Ride from AnimateIt.net
  • gay picture ya gaylord
  • hahahha yes party hard the anime it you is crazy batman and joker is fighting not party hahahha
  • the money is not infinitive and!!! hack for +???points for hunter rank could ba good.
  • area 60 all enemes before were easy for my, boss fight he kill me and i have nothing (1hour is gone) 5000dmg - F.U.C.K. :(
  • waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaath
  • how to get a demon stone
  • Can we get a AP hack?
  • png.exe