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    Stick Action Shooting Survival Click to find more games like this.

    Cheat: Health set to 200, 999999 ammo for all guns and changed cheat codes to: "cheat 1" = low friction, "cheat 2" = double damage, "cheat 3" = increased speed, "cheat 4" = all weapons.

    wpnFire Screenshot
    wpnFire Screenshot
    wpnFire Screenshot
    wpnFire Screenshot

    Cheat description (What's hacked?)

    Health set to 200, 999999 ammo for all guns and changed cheat codes to: "cheat 1" = low friction, "cheat 2" = double damage, "cheat 3" = increased speed, "cheat 4" = all weapons.
    Game Description

    Try messing around with the configure options, which can be accessed ingame with the pause "P" key, to figure out what settings improve gameplay performance the most (especially "Motion Blur" and "FPS Stability" options). SniperZ, Stone and I have been working for several months to bring you wpnFire: a game with no plot, no storyline, and no real objectives other than to use explosives, automatic weapons, and whatever else it takes to kill anything that gets in your way.
    Feedback for wpnFire
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    wifipiewifipie July 2012
    wifipiewifipie July 2012

    Found you... >.>
    YouMustDieYouMustDie July 2012
    spongebob i...i...i...i..rate a 5!!!
    xAMETASARUxxAMETASARUx August 2012
    xAMETASARUxxAMETASARUx August 2012
    O_o this game is.....
    xAMETASARUxxAMETASARUx August 2012
    xAMETASARUxxAMETASARUx August 2012
    chainedspartanchainedspartan August 2012
    short but great game
    Civil_Security_GhostCivil_Security_Ghost August 2012
    Default Ass Zombie :P
    Civil_Security_GhostCivil_Security_Ghost August 2012
    Hey That Blue Jumping Zombie Is A Rabbit Or A Zombie? :P
    ducman August 2012
    nice game
    DesmondVogelDesmondVogel November 2012
    nice game but screen is small
    DesmondVogelDesmondVogel November 2012
    type: cheat 5,cheat 6,cheat
    DesmondVogelDesmondVogel November 2012
    plz read^
    DesmondVogelDesmondVogel November 2012
    rainbow zombies WTF
    JaceeGabrielCanlitJaceeGabrielCanlit January 2013
    @Henry blackburn is that you from Battle Field??
    DenzelRebLSalazarDenzelRebLSalazar February 2013
    Its Cool !
    JustinCarreonJustinCarreon February 2013
    Hey! Forgot cheats : cheat 5
    cheat 6
    No other cheats were other in it
    LukeAndreiOlacLukeAndreiOlac March 2013
    wow its cool
    DatrellDatrell March 2013
    CHEAT 5 , unlimited ammo. CHEAT 6, unlimited health.

    if you believe me

    scroll down

    youll get it if you believe me
    gianfrancofontanagianfrancofontana March 2013
    lol is the best
    ZhulRahmanZhulRahman September 2013
    Mohamed_Almasry2014Mohamed_Almasry2014 October 2013
    Not (bad) game it`s (good) game
    ChrisBenhurChristianChrisBenhurChristian December 2013
    heath904heath904 January 25
    Attempting to Give a Damn from AnimateIt.net

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