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Feedback for The Last Stand: Union City
  • @killerplanner Not this ending T_T *SPOILER ALERT!!!*
    Ending is that , that your boat have rans out of gasoline
  • I know this game since 2013 and i still love it or 2012 idk
  • @wasqez2 Really i said that already jesus.
  • kill the zombie
  • DID you guys got a RPG ?
  • i got a RPG hahahhaha secret hhhahahahahaha is soo esy i killed a big zomebie in anather world bich my game is lagi beacueas big zombie
  • 10 big zombie promise
  • if you are agree i said weres RPG in the roft i got a ladder but it deseperd
  • the last stand union city......is like the walking dead...
  • i heve 100% lag,too much height... what a height?
  • Just found the Ultimate Hoarders Hack: the Undefined tool can be used in your storage chest also! Just open chest, put Undefined in, add any gear, & take Undefined out. Also lets you see how much you're really carrying in your pack. My 30lb. chest has 143+lbs. of equipment in it, all prime gear.:)
  • this game was great!i loved it.
  • Playing The Last Stand : Union City is one of the greatest memories i have from like 4-5 years ago!
  • Looting system heavily remind me of diablo. Crapload of loot to carry and discard with very own survivor customization with unlimited ways. With a little luck and searching. Grinding infections is somewhat repetitive just like every ARPG always grinding and grinding. Repetitive in a good way.

    To long din't read

    I manage to grind hellload of infection and managed to obtain Light machine from a red dressed woman.
    I call that a shot of luck. (Or stupidity thoughts about thinking luck)
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  • this is the best game EVER
  • ths game is AMAZING!
  • What the hell? You run out of gas in the end? I have tons of jerry cans bro... Plus, I'm not going to die cuz my wife turned to a zombie, it's just a game so I would kill her. But game is wonderful, graphics are beautiful too.
  • gifs dont slow down loading speed guis