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Feedback for Endless War 7
  • what would you all think if there was ww3?!
  • Scroll down to be the first or second in some games.

    Nice doing!

    Scroll down!

    Okay, this is the last.

    Post this on twenty games or you will get bad luck for twenty two years little kid who wants to be first!
  • That A Joke Mother****er!!
  • guys this loading sucks me soooooooo freaked
  • 1st
  • i love cheese bread say i love cheese bread if you like it
  • Really. Are you ****ing kidding? we have to be nazis...Illuminati
  • Stickman vs The Door from AnimateIt.net

  • Wait, is this stupid??!! dat ist your tank?! what kind of language is that? :/
  • **** ****
  • hi
  • what

  • Half of these people think Germany is still under the NAZI Regime, and they don't wanna play this because it would make them a NAZI, this is the Wehrmacht, not the SS or anything...
  • true_hacker_001, No it's not stupid. "das ist" is German for "That is", "That is your tank" "Das ist Ihre Panzerkampfwagen" Would be the full German sentance.