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Feedback for Sift Heads - Assault 3
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    Vinnie's back again for another action packed survival shooter. Try to survive as long as you can, as waves of rivals decend upon you. New environments, new challenges, new weapons and new kick-ass moves.
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  • 2rd
  • -_- SHUT UP
  • nobody cares if ur 1st or 2nd or whatever just talk about the GAME
  • Game=No Talk
    1st=Yes Talk
  • Oh my god everyone just.....
  • out of ammo?
  • Gamesfree.ca used to have cool games.
  • 1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]asdfghjkl;'\\zxcvbnm,./
  • who Fvcking Care...? Btw Nice game
  • good games
  • it's good game
  • awsome
  • let's see 1,2,3,4.......rah ! how many sift heads did they make ?????
  • i like this game
  • i love sift heads
  • how many games did they make ?
  • Game=Yes Talk
    1st=No Talk
  • dont talk for nothing just try to be brave for everything
  • sh assult 3
    The codes and their corresponding effect:
    PPONOP - turn off close combat enemies.
    DLOG - gets you some cash (50,000).
    AHPLA - Invincibility.
    EDOMH - Start with maximum security alert.
    DIPAR - Fire at an insane fast rate.
    DEDAOL - Unlimited ammo.
    PPONOP - turn off close combat enemies.
    DRAH - badder enemies.
    TAOLF - Lowers the effect of gravity on Vinnie.
  • have fun
  • coocooollll game
  • yay this is the new vinnies asslute game