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Vulpin Adventure Hacked

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Vulpin Adventure (play original game)
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Cheat: Press 1 to fill health, 2 to fill mana, 3 to max joy.
  • Vulpin Adventure Screenshot
  • Vulpin Adventure Screenshot
  • Vulpin Adventure Screenshot
  • Vulpin Adventure Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press 1 to fill health, 2 to fill mana, 3 to max joy.

Game Description

Get a Vulpin of your own, customise its appearance, and explore the world, battling monsters in one-on-one turn-based combat. Gain skills and various quirky pieces of equipment as you go along reducing the monster population problem.

How To Play

The mouse is used for everything.
Items can be moved and used by dragging and dropping.
Stroke your vulpin at home by clicking and dragging the mouse over it.
Mute and unmute at any time from the right-click menu.

Feedback for Vulpin Adventure

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  • uh, just one thing actually, the entire game hacked was great, but i wasn't able to collect the last three abilities from the double headed dragon
  • you have to defeat the darkdragon to have the dark spell
    you have to defeat the lightdragon to have the light spell

  • 1st Comment Nothing Says
  • 0 th comment in your face !
  • when will it evolve?
  • Sign on the wall: Drink orange juice
  • Needs a money cheat~ and/or an Ap cheat thats all~! ^u^ Other than that its good
  • make so we can play the bonus level
  • **** this game
    mother ****er
    p.s thy have dragons in this game
    and **** this game
  • i made mah vulpin look like Shadow. LAWL
    P.S i agree with pikakitten it DOES need a money cheat
  • adsa
  • weak na man
  • ...................................................................

    P.S Office Tackle from AnimateIt.net
  • ...................................................................

  • hi
    P.S Atom from AnimateIt.net
  • :P:P:POMG Cat, Fishbowl and Shark Balloon from AnimateIt.net
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