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Papa`s Burgeria Hacked

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Papa`s Burgeria (play original game)
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Cheat: Lots of tips.
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  • Papa`s Burgeria Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Lots of tips.

Game Description

If a Pizzeria serves pizzas, then naturally a Burgeria would serve burgers. However, Papa`s Burgeria will make any delicious hamburger or cheeseburger to order, and it just so happens his customer's are as picky as they come. In this frantic sequel to Papa`s Pizzeria, you play as either Marty or Rita, cooking, building, and serving the craziest burgers in town. Work up the ranks and become a paddy flipping master.

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  • Papa's Burgeria Day 6
    by Yeserman
  • Yeserman and almostpapa presents:
  • Papa's Burgeria Part 6:
    Day 6
    Rank 4 Alberto Unlocked
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    HFG_PRIMEHFG_PRIME April 14 Permalink
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    WilzOndongWilzOndong April 20 Permalink
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    i got problem my hand will explode beacause of clickness
    WilzOndongWilzOndong April 20 Permalink
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    piggypiggy April 29 Permalink
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    darksoul2 April 29 Permalink
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    this is the creators brother for now on ill make the hacks he wants and you want
    darksoul2 April 29 Permalink
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    ok game master
    CherylfrancisCherylfrancis May 10 Permalink
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    Game master,Given Game.
    CherylfrancisCherylfrancis May 10 Permalink
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    Blue Bird,Red Bird and Yellow Bird,Come Here.pls
    agustilindo46agustilindo46 June 2 Permalink
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    es porno
    juliana June 17 Permalink
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    CycloKingCycloKing August 1 Permalink
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