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Lantern Showdown Hacked

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Lantern Showdown
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Cheat: Unlimited power.
  • Lantern Showdown Screenshot
  • Lantern Showdown Screenshot
  • Lantern Showdown Screenshot
  • Lantern Showdown Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Unlimited power.

Game Description

Do you love match-3 switchers, but hate the stress of timers? Take your time in Lantern Showdown. 30 moves per round. Plan ahead to maximize your score.

Warning: If you don’t love match-3 switchers, then this game probably isn’t for you…

How To Play

Switch lanterns to match 3 or more.
Plan ahead to maximize chain-bonuses.
There are four power-ups in the game. Use your power wisely!

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