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Solar Rift Hacked

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Solar Rift
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Cheat: God mode.
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Cheat description (What's hacked?)

God mode.

Game Description

Solar Rift is an exploratory action-adventure game. The once dormant planet of Sol and home of the advanced alien race the Luminus has been overrun by the Exiled. You're their only hope, to save the Luminus and vanquish the darkness. It would be impossible alone, but the Luminus had legends of a saviour falling from the sky, and left you their sacred treasure to aid you in this journey.

How To Play

- A/D to move left/right
- W to jump (holding jumps higher)
- S to activate/read objects
- Mouse to aim
- Left click to shoot (also can use S)
- Space toggles weapons (once acquired, also can use Q)
- 1,2,3,4, and 5 direct selects weapons (once acquired)
- Game can be changed to use AZERTY keyboards in the Pause screens "Controls" submenu

Feedback for Solar Rift

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  • HacHac
    i don't complete the game
  • loads slow but awesome game
  • hello guys im new here
  • epic game :D
  • (Tired To count) 100TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD BTW nice game gotta rate it
  • It takes forever to load the game
  • ....(Playing Plazma Burst 2)
  • stupid game
  • it took 10m 's to load!
  • the game wont let me shoot 8(
  • the game noa bad realy f###k
  • for people who say they get stuck in the fire area with the giant pillar you cant get over (after getting the red(fire) gun), there is a solution. There has to be. They HAVE to have made one. You have to shoot at the base of the wall. You can only do that if you have the red gun.
    Also if you can get some of the stingers to follow you (don't shoot them or theyll die) to the area near the wall, wiht smoe careful manuvering and great timing and aim, you can freeze them to get them to become stepping stones to reach the legde that you can see above the lava pool near the wall. The same techniwue can get u up to the ledge that is located in Moras IMMEDIATELY ABOVE the exit from Pyre. You have to stand on the legde above the room with the save kiosk (with a yellow door).
    If u say you cant shoot, you probably have pressed space. I dont know what the point of it is, but if you press space, it turns off the guns. Or toggles them, i forget. So you cant shoot by clisking or pressing S. All you need to do to turn them back on is press space again, the # key for any gun you have available, or Q.
    HOPE THAT HELPED. sorry idk about anything after finishing pyre but beofere getting to the gun that shoots at pink gates or going through pyre to the far right lower corner
  • also it takes long to load cuz of teh high quality and the particle count. you guys every try shooting a billion missles at once by clicking rapidly? notice the lag?
    the same lag is what keeps it from loadin fast
  • it load but............ its take me little fast to load...........when finished and i was using lap topbut its ****ing take me 2 hours!!!!!!!!!!!! but really awesome game :P
  • long loading
  • i cant find map of pyre im suck there where can you find map?
  • your face is 0_0 and :D clic F11 :DDD
  • A 2d reproduction of the metroid prime 2

    fun but not original.
  • @Angry_Dude if it's the pipe tower:there are secret shootable panels that need fire to destroy.thats how you get out of there
  • after unlocking the exiled creature I got thrown around and when I was in moras next to a wall I got stuck in the wall
  • how do you activate the green thingys?
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