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Pokemon Tower Defense Hacked

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Pokemon Tower Defense
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Adventure Upgrade Nintendo Pixel Sam And Dan Games Click to find more games like this.
Cheat: Final version. See below.
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  • Pokemon Tower Defense Screenshot
  • Pokemon Tower Defense Screenshot
  • Pokemon Tower Defense Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Final version. See below.

Game Description

Pokemon Tower Defense is hosted with permission from Sam & Dan Games.

- Pokémon gain more Exp per Pokémon defeated. It is possible that the Exp earned is 100 times normal, the reason that this can be assumed is that the experience gains are always in multiples of 100.
- More money earned for each Pokémon defeated. (Possibly 100 times more, see above)
- One hit will make a Pokémon's HP bar red, making them easy to catch.
- All purchases will give you money instead of decreasing it.

Pokemon Tower Defense hacked (PTD) is a game, in which you explore the Kanto region. You will meet new people, friends, even enemies in your adventure.

Your goal is to collect the eight Gym Badges that the Gym leaders own, along with helping out your friends by protecting the Rare Candy.

But with the enemies you will face, it's going to be hard! All throughout your journey you will battle with different enemies at different times. You even face the almighty Mewtwo and some of Team Rocket, who have also hypnotised Misty and Brock!

Useful info:
- PTD1 Mystery Gifts: http://pokemontowerdefense.wikia.com/wiki/Mystery_Gift

Pokemon Tower Defense 2
- http://www.hackedfreegames.com/game/3842/pokemon-tower-defense-2

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  • plss I only want a raikou
  • guys can you give me the URL of pokemon tower defense alpha version 3.3
  • ¬_¬ How There No Cheats ¬_¬ HoW tHeRe No ChEaTs ¬_¬ HOW THERE NO CHEATS ¬_¬
  • use this for a regular pokemon to trade 152eadc863dd2a
  • 152eb3d3c49c61 I will give my best pokemon
  • who have lapras
  • please accept my offer
  • kiya please accept my offer
  • i love this game
  • OO═══∩═══OO
    ..........╭╬╮ ◢
    ...........╙O ╙O
  • i will trade for mewtwo
  • this game sucks it ****ing dosint work man!!!}:(
  • zapdos is lvl 98
  • How do you get pass the rock tunnel level
    and get the Pokémon with cut to route 2?
  • place a pokemon that knows cut in front of the tree then play the level until you win
  • Who wants free pokemon Normal:Caterpie,metapod,butterfree,weedle,kakoona,beedrill,pidgey,pidgeotto,pidgeot,ratata,spearow,fearow,ekans,arbok,pikachu,raichu,nidoqueen,nidoran(m),nidoking,clefairy,ninetails,jigglypuff,wigglypuff,golbat,gloom,vileplume,paras,parasect,venomot,dugtrio,psyduck,monkey,primeape,growlithe,arcanine,poliwhirl,poliwrath,kadabra,machop,tentacruel,graveler,golem,ponyta,rapidash,slowpoke,magnemite,magneton,farfetch'd,seel,dewgong,grimer,muk,shelder,cloyster,haunter,gengar,onix,hipno,kingler,voltrob,electrode,eggxecute,eggxeguttor,marowak,hitmonlee,hitmoonchan,kickitung,koofing,weezing
  • 153b5fa33db96c=trade for lv. 43 porygon
  • hi guys long time no playing
  • mising no level 21 a dragon like level 38
  • dragon knight
  • @UrielReizo u dont need to have an eevee or lapras just trade a poliwhirl at cerullean gym 1 and get a jynx level it up to lvl100 and then just use perish song and finish moltres in a sec the others could die easily move away the jynx so it doesnot die itself after finishing the upper part heal your one pokemon that uses earthquake (Charizard) finish the lower half and when only enteni is left put away the earthquaker and heal your jynx on the upper part use perish song on enteni and like moltres it also dies
  • i like squertle and charmander but i have one to pick fire or water
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