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Sonic RPG Eps. 8 Hacked

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Sonic RPG Eps. 8
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Cheat: Infinite health, mp.
  • Sonic RPG Eps. 8 Screenshot
  • Sonic RPG Eps. 8 Screenshot
  • Sonic RPG Eps. 8 Screenshot
  • Sonic RPG Eps. 8 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite health, mp.

Game Description

After more than a year, the new episode of Sonic RPG series is finally here, being this my greatest work so far! Unfortunatly for some guys the series is coming to an end.

*You can't beat the RPG battle?* Then press "Space bar" to go to main menu and enter the "Scene Selection"! After so much critics, I decided to take off the Password System!

Enjoy the episode everyone!

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