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DarkBase RTS Hacked

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DarkBase RTS
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Cheat: All units are free.
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  • DarkBase RTS Screenshot
  • DarkBase RTS Screenshot
  • DarkBase RTS Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All units are free.

Game Description

You have been Lt. Alice Foster discovering the Alien threat in “DarkBase 1: Incubation”.
Thanks to Alice’s determination you destroied the Alien bolt-hole in “DarkBase 2: the Hive”.
You have been appointed as the leader of a secret military anti-Aliens force in “DarkBase: Phoenix Team”
…in the meanwhile, your defensive turret saved your human colony against Alien waves in “DarkBase Defence – Reloaded”.

Now… the Marine Starforce has decided to win the war.
The armed conflict has begun.

How To Play

The game has a brief tutorial introduction.
The full-instructions GameGuide is available on sponsor’s site. Would you like to read it, just click “Instruction” button on the game main menu.

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    ROck And Roll its Like controlling army
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