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  • Excavate! Screenshot
  • Excavate! Screenshot
  • Excavate! Screenshot
  • Excavate! Screenshot

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All purchases are free.

Game Description

In Script Welder's puzzle sim Excavate!, you've been hired by a university to lead excavations surrounding an old cemetery, but you've got 14 days and they want to see the best results you can get in that time. Pick your crew of four, taking into consideration their proficiency in skills that impact your work, such as Perception to inspect things or Strength for physical labour, and then set out to the dig site, where I presume your honorary pith helmet, khaki shorts, and knee-high white socks are waiting for you. While you'll start out with basic funding to purchase supplies like tools that give bonuses to actions such as inspecting or clearing dig sites, you'll be granted more funds daily as you catalogue and send back the things you find. The main game takes place on a map made up of various tiles, and each character can perform different actions daily depending on how many action points they have. While certain upgrades can help you figure out where to begin work, when you choose to inspect an area, it'll give you a Minesweeperesque description of how many tiles away in either direction something interesting is hiding. Dig to find ruins, explore them, and then catalog what you discover to send it back to the university. Accomplish everything you can in a day before your workers run out of points, but don't forget to leave some so you can set someone to guard duty at night. I wonder when you unlock the button to ignore Brendan Fraser's dire warnings and get devoured by a swarm of scarab beetles..

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