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Feedback for Pokemon Tower Defense 2: Generations
  • slow loading
  • To: JooVictorDeSouzadaRo

    Get a life man, everyone knows chain letters don't ever work and also nobody can read it. I had to translate it to English to know what your whining about.
  • @Dragon Song i know this not works i only want see noobs doing this
  • hi this game is cool
  • this game rocks
  • wew
    the game is not yet finish
  • slow /./
  • ]هىخ ه ثىهغ يثقع
  • ]هىخ ه ثىهغ يثقع
  • stupid chineese

  • don't scroll

    i said don't scroll

    pls stop there to look beyond this you must pay $10

    nah just kidding but pls dont scroll down

    see there is nothing here i just wasted your time and ..........................and maybe your money hahaha
  • super fast loading yeah!
  • 3D2C2YZ4
  • yeah fast loading 1%

    know not fast loading 50%

    yeah not fast loading 100%
  • walang magawa
  • ****ing this **** loading so long........ HFG should fix these errors
  • I dont wanna say this game loads kind of slow but... It doesnt load at all
  • slow loading
    do not scroll

    stop stop you #####

    i said stop you mother****er

    i told stop nothing is here you son of a #####
  • 10 seconds later....... 65%
    1 minutes later 60!??!?!?!?!?!? is this an error!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • before..... slow loading
    after fast loading !?!??!?!?!?
  • sand of the coliseumun hacklisi ne zaman çıkçak ?
  • wat u do after bellsprout tower
  • scroll down if u a noob

    reaching noob point

    cyou re a pro