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Feedback for Pokemon Tower Defense
  • Who wants free pokemon Normal:Caterpie,metapod,butterfree,weedle,kakoona,beedrill,pidgey,pidgeotto,pidgeot,ratata,spearow,fearow,ekans,arbok,pikachu,raichu,nidoqueen,nidoran(m),nidoking,clefairy,ninetails,jigglypuff,wigglypuff,golbat,gloom,vileplume,paras,parasect,venomot,dugtrio,psyduck,monkey,primeape,growlithe,arcanine,poliwhirl,poliwrath,kadabra,machop,tentacruel,graveler,golem,ponyta,rapidash,slowpoke,magnemite,magneton,farfetch'd,seel,dewgong,grimer,muk,shelder,cloyster,haunter,gengar,onix,hipno,kingler,voltrob,electrode,eggxecute,eggxeguttor,marowak,hitmonlee,hitmoonchan,kickitung,koofing,weezing
  • 153b5fa33db96c=trade for lv. 43 porygon
  • hi guys long time no playing
  • mising no level 21 a dragon like level 38
  • dragon knight
  • @UrielReizo u dont need to have an eevee or lapras just trade a poliwhirl at cerullean gym 1 and get a jynx level it up to lvl100 and then just use perish song and finish moltres in a sec the others could die easily move away the jynx so it doesnot die itself after finishing the upper part heal your one pokemon that uses earthquake (Charizard) finish the lower half and when only enteni is left put away the earthquaker and heal your jynx on the upper part use perish song on enteni and like moltres it also dies
  • i like squertle and charmander but i have one to pick fire or water
  • i have a raichou
  • I still can't beat elite 4 :(
  • there is no cheat on this game
  • i endet this game 5 times
  • how to get pass to the rock tunnel
  • caçamba o jogo não está funcionando há 2 dias deem um jeito nisso agora!!
  • DonneCrisleeEVicera i want pikachu that for free...
  • hi
  • i have shiny beedrel
  • it's been a year pokemon tower defence! hmmm.. i'll create an another account cause i think i don't remember.. Am i too old to play this? Anyways.. if i will get some awesome pokemon TRADE W/ ME
  • I NEED VICTINI... Anyone?? I'll Trae My Legendary Pokemon Mew/Mewtwo And More.. PLS
  • @LouieAndreiTorrecamp Okey... Name?? or Id?? U Will Trade Me Ratata For Pikachu
  • this game is so easy to beat