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Electricman 2 HS Hacked

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Electricman 2 HS
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Cheat: 5000 health, x100 times faster battery charging.
  • Electricman 2 HS Screenshot
  • Electricman 2 HS Screenshot
  • Electricman 2 HS Screenshot
  • Electricman 2 HS Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

5000 health, x100 times faster battery charging.

Game Description

Defeat all your opponent to prove to be the most powerful being in the stick man universe!

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  • the tech team is easy!!!!!! you just need to try and try
  • run and d fixes any thing no t the teac team :(
  • teh team, wow **** YOU
  • dont look down or you die

    you die
  • title: fire in my souls
    fire:any last words electricman
    me:yeah.i want to pee
    fire:okay now die
    me:no dude i really want to pee
    fire:ohhhh. die you.hayya (fire kicking electricman balls)
    me:(dodge) ha (but the pants got off and electricman pee at fire's face)
    fire:aaaahhhhhhh (electified by pee cause electry here pee's with electric)
    me:ha take that.ha wait! what! (police car coming) (electry stuck with his feet at a hole)
    police:your under arrest elctricman you killed him!
    me:ohhhhh.wait a minute...the doctors!

    killer doctors! COMMING SOON!!!
    me:doctors why are you here.
    doctor1:kill you.oh you are so
    me:(trow doctor2 at wall)
    last doctor (doctor 3) (d3):hayya hayya
    me:(dodge) (electry was box by d3 into the wall)
    me:(bleed,bleed,bleed) (enhale) huh
    d3:(grabing knife) i will kill you
    me:(grabing gun) bam!
    d3:(dead) (but he fell and d3's knife fell at electry's face)

    dw coming soon!!!

  • nice but "the blind" is hard in unhacked mode
  • Messed Up from AnimateIt.net this is how i feel now..
  • i am sorry it is actually:spikes of indonesia
    come at my house there is many "SPIKES OF INDONESIA"for more details visit:
    springwoods minglanilla subd.583 lot 6 blk 12 cebu city (but not around:monday-friday only sunday saturday times:saturday:4:00-6:00 sunday:12:00-2:00
    some fridays are also alvailable "SOME" it is only at aug.10 and 31 also sept.6 (i will give you a chance because sept.6 is my birthday) the "fridays' time are
    4:00-6:00 only thank you (THIS IS A REAL TALK!)
  • WAIT!REMEMBER you still need to buy these tips for
    americans-$5 for an ordinary magazine $7 for a magazine with awsome drawings
    philipinos-php.50 ordinary magazine php.100 magazine with awsome drawings
    2 countries only
  • is the game good?
  • i think not?

  • why all say tech team hard. its easy i killed all them first shot i did.
  • tech team isnt hard keep using e
  • im unhacked mode i just defeated the blind but its hard
  • The tech team it s hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard hard
  • the tech team dont Die
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