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Drag Racer V2 Hacked

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Drag Racer V2
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Cheat: Click CHEAT MODE in main menu!
  • Drag Racer V2 Screenshot
  • Drag Racer V2 Screenshot
  • Drag Racer V2 Screenshot
  • Drag Racer V2 Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Click CHEAT MODE in main menu!

Game Description

Drag Racer V2 is a very fun drag racing game. The object is of course to leave your opponent in the dust. You get to a buy a car of your choice and then race it in street races to try to make a name for yourself. It's mad fun.

How To Play

Controls :

Up/Down : Switch Gears
Space : Gas
Clutch : Release Space

NOTE : You can't change gears without releasing space!

I'm back again, this time with the final version of drag racer. featuring over 60 cars including some ranging from the 70s (Plymouth Baracuda) to recent supercars (McLaren F1 GT). All glitches from before have been fixed, and hopefully there will be none to come.

Please wait for the preloader to appear, the flash movie has 256KB start lag.

Each car can be customized, some more then others.

Here is what you can do:

Buy Car - Buy Your Car
Garage - Customize your car
Race - Race the Quarter Mile, 750m, 1000m against the computer to get money
Test - Test your car on a quarter mile strip
Store - Buy Performance Parts for your car (exhaust,intercoolers)
Show - Allows you to Take a picture of your car to show it off
Save/Load - Save/Load your car, can be loaded from any computer

Racing Controls :

Space : Gas, you can't change gears with the gas on
Up/Down : Change Gears, ^^

To use Nitrous Oxide, press the red button, when you have bought a canister from the Store.

You can also drag the gear shifter knob to the appropriate gear for a more manual-feel. But keep in mind you cant drag the knob with the Gas on.

Feedback for Drag Racer V2

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  • Click **** mode.
  • I hate this mother of all ****-UPS.
  • looks like someone just watched under siege 2...faggot
  • ****ing cool
  • the car's are faster than a bugatti veyron super sport
  • not the bugatti veron will smoke ass
  • if it was here you will see what i mean with every perfomance part it'l smoke any cars ass
  • Comet is the best car
  • wont let me purchase a car
  • my ****in up-grades wont work
  • Porsche 911 iGT1 it's looks like Le Mans car
  • Car: Honda Civic Type-R (limited:out for sale)
    HP: 394 HP
    Best 1/4 so far: 9.362
    Best 1/2 so far: 15.064
    Best 0-100(km/h) so far: 7.552
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