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Cheat: Press 1 to add food, 2 to add morale, 3 to add a leader, 4 to add a scavenger, 5 to add a soldier, 6 to add a builder, 7 to add a scientist.
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Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Press 1 to add food, 2 to add morale, 3 to add a leader, 4 to add a scavenger, 5 to add a soldier, 6 to add a builder, 7 to add a scientist.

Game Description

Humanity is suffering another Apocalypse. The city is not recognizable any more: the streets are full of roaming zombies who are catching live people and attacking their refuge.

How To Play

You need to gather survivors in this apocalyptic turn based strategy zombie game. Manage food supplies, housing and morale while defending against undead attacks. Beware of rival gangs, wild dogs, food thieves and even riots as you manage a city. Your fort should be growing constantly. Humanity anchors its hope on you.

There are multiple ways to complete a game of Rebuild, so no matter how you play you should be able to find away to the end. Considering you don't get eaten, that is.

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  • THIS IS BULL****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • baho lobot igit
  • ______██████████████
    -____██▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ M ▓████
  • this is hard and scary
  • a very good game. but they should also include infinite peoples or survivor.it is very easy to play for me.
  • 7 days in a row the priest bikers came and shot adam in the shoulder every time
    they dont like adam
  • Day OVER 9000!!!
  • Hard GAMe!
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  • day 10000 OMFG I NEVER DIE !!!!!!!!
  • seanway223 i tried it 10 times nothing happens
  • wow i finished it in one day
  • hey mandeath i know you you hate me well you pick the wrong guy just read my comment at the rebuild 2
  • i'm a beginner
  • No one care DonneCrisleeEVicera
  • oh yeah complete alll!!!!!!
  • hahaha
  • I think this is better than 2 :I
  • i hate this game i am going abgblSBHSbuGBIdgibihla gvilbdfa
  • soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo rebuild 2 is better
  • Hello, Earth I Don't Know Who You All Are My Name Is DARKENABLE And I'm From 4th Planet I Cannot Speak Enaglish Fast I Work Hard To Do This It Take Me Four Hours.
  • this is radical!
  • new keyhacks!
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