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Dummy Never Fails Hacked

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Dummy Never Fails
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Cheat: All features unlocked.
  • Dummy Never Fails Screenshot
  • Dummy Never Fails Screenshot
  • Dummy Never Fails Screenshot
  • Dummy Never Fails Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

All features unlocked.

Game Description

A diferent dummy game!

Throw dummies to reach the goal, less pain the better!

Full features are:
- 52 levels
- 51 dummy skins to unlock
- Level editor
- High-scores
- A lot of dummy pain

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  • boring and im first :P
  • so what
  • i am pissing you fa-fa
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  • I dont care if your first #####
  • nowadays people are "trolling"other people by syaing first when they are and even when they are noyt first its just ****ing ridiculious so **** you Evilrobin66
  • oh i saw some chat that became a war for the first comment to see that pls go to Angry Birds Rio hacked here
  • awesoooooooooooooooooooome!
  • is that you VinceRoman in the profil picture
  • if your first your last
  • KOOL
  • я давно играл и спасибо за этот игру!
  • я давно играл и спасибо за этот игру!
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  • awesome V.V
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