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Hacked Achievement Games

  • Strike Force Heroes 2
    Hot Action Strike Force Heroes 2
    (4.32) Cheat: Press G to toggle invulnerability, H to toggle ammo, J to toggle rapid fire, K to level up, L to add money, T to use killstreak, Z to unlock campains, U to unlock challenges.
  • Kingdom Rush
    Hot Tower Defense Kingdom Rush
    (4.15) Cheat: Hard mode. Infinite coins. Fast spells cooldown. No other hacks as they are premium items.
  • Strike Force Heroes
    Hot Action Strike Force Heroes
    (4.26) Cheat: Press 1 to enable infinite health, 2 to disable infinite health, 3 to toggle infinite ammo, 4 to level up, 5 to add money, 6 to use killstreak.
  • Stick War 2
    Hot Stick Stick War 2
    (4.37) Cheat: Press J to add 1000 gold, Z to add 1000 mana, L to add upgrade points.
  • Ultimate Douchebag Workout
    Hot Skill Ultimate Douchebag Workout
    (4.04) Cheat: Infinite health and energy.
  • Ragdoll Achievement
    Hot Achievement Ragdoll Achievement
    (4.04) Cheat: All purchases add more.
  • Jacksmith
    Hot Strategy Jacksmith
    (4.28) Cheat: No cooldown for specials. Link in shop gives $1,000,000.
  • Epic War 5
    Hot Skirmish Epic War 5
    (4.36) Cheat: Infinite hero health, infinite mana. Respawn delay decreased. All units unlocked.
  • Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks
    Hot Adventure Minecraft 2D: Mine Blocks
    (4.58) Cheat: Press 0 (zero) to toggle invulnerability.
  • Raze 2
    Hot Action Raze 2
    (4.81) Cheat: Rapid fire. Invulnerability. Infinite energy and ammo. Unlimited credits.
  • The Last Stand: Union City
    Hot Zombie The Last Stand: Union City
    (4.78) Cheat: Press 3 to add 1000 money, 4 to fill health, 5 to add 100 xp, 6 to enable infinite ammo, 7 to disable infinite ammo.
  • Giants and Dwarves TD
    Hot Tower Defense Giants and Dwarves TD
    (3.98) Cheat: Press 5 to toggle hero health, 8 to add money. No other hacks as they are premium content.
  • The Last Shelter
    Hot Tower Defense The Last Shelter
    (4.09) Cheat: Lots of money.
  • Incursion
    Hot Strategy Incursion
    (4.11) Cheat: Infinite coins. "Free crystals" button gives +30 crystals.
  • Infectonator 2
    Hot Demolition Infectonator 2
    (4.07) Cheat: In shop, click the Facebook links to receive lots of money. No other hacks as they are premium items.
  • Incursion 2: The Artifact
    Hot Tower Defense Incursion 2: The Artifact
    (4.15) Cheat: Press G to add money, H to add lives, J to toggle unit health, K to toggle hero spells cooldown, L to add magic, U to add goblin market money, I to add hero skill points. Link gives more crystals.
  • Moby Dick 2
    Hot Action Moby Dick 2
    (4.09) Cheat: Infinite health, boost, O2 and hunger. Press U to add 5 upgrade points.
  • Decision 2: New City
    Hot Action Decision 2: New City
    (4.30) Cheat: God mode.
  • Zombotron 2
    Hot Action Zombotron 2
    (4.54) Cheat: Press Y to add money, U to toggle invulnerability, I to toggle infinite ammo clips, O to toggle rapid fire
  • New Star Soccer
    Hot Management New Star Soccer
    (4.34) Cheat: Lots of money.
  • Siegius Arena
    Hot Hack And Slash Siegius Arena
    (4.36) Cheat: Invulnerability. Coins give x10 money.
  • Takeover
    Hot Strategy Takeover
    (4.38) Cheat: Infinite gold. Infinite mana.
  • Unreal Flash 3
    Hot Action Unreal Flash 3
    (4.43) Cheat: Infinite health, ammo.
  • Raze 3
    Hot Action Raze 3
    (4.77) Cheat: Press J toggle unlimited health, K toggle unlimited ammo, L add cash.
  • Feed Us: Lost Island
    Hot Action Feed Us: Lost Island
    (4.59) Cheat: Type in the cheats menu: Unlock all in the shop (Exept Air Strikes): POPOUT, 2x more floating meat: APPETITE, Classic seeds are invincible: HARDFISH, Unlock fast travel in pause menu: TRAVEL, Tiny main piranha: TINY, Very large piranha: MASSIVE, Jump higher: EPICJUMP, Human skeletons: DEADARMY, Slow down enemies: SLOWCOW, Warnings are deactivated: WARNING, Every human throw spears: WAR, No humans throw spears: PEACE, + 5 litres of blood: BLOODY, Invincible: MISSILES.
  • Swords and Sandals 3
    Hot RPG Swords and Sandals 3
    (4.73) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle armor, mana and health, 2 to add money.
  • The Keeper of 4 Elements
    Hot Tower Defense The Keeper of 4 Elements
    (4.46) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle infinite money, 2 to toggle infinite lives. Links on Main Screen gives more upgrade points.
  • Ragdoll Achievement 2
    Hot Arcade Ragdoll Achievement 2
    (4.74) Cheat: All purchases add money.
  • Pre-Civilization: Stone Age
    Hot Management Pre-Civilization: Stone Age
    (4.58) Cheat: V1.07! Press 1 to add people, 2 to add production points, 3 to add research points.
  • Bomber at War 2
    Hot Aircraft Bomber at War 2
    (4.69) Cheat: Press 7 to toggle invulnerability, 8 to toggle overheat, 9 to toggle rapid fire, 0 (zero) to add money.
  • Alien Attack Team
    Hot Shooting Alien Attack Team
    (4.68) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle invulnerability, 2 to toggle ammo, 3 toggle rapid fire.
  • Min-Hero: Tower of Sages
    Hot RPG Min-Hero: Tower of Sages
    (4.80) Cheat: V1.01! Extra minions. Press 1 to toggle health, 2 to toggle energy, 3 to add money.
  • Feed Us 5
    Hot Mayhem Feed Us 5
    (4.69) Cheat: Type in the cheats menu: Your main piranha is invincible: PADDED, + 10 litres of blood: BREAD, Massive piranha: KING, Very tiny piranha: FLEES, Piranha sticks to the mouse: SPEEDY, Infinity of tail boosts: BOOST, Infinity of oxygen: GOTAIR, Can call the Kraken faster (Only if craken unlocked): KRAKEN
  • House of Wolves
    Hot Strategy House of Wolves
    (4.68) Cheat: Press J to toggle infinite resources, K to increase population limit.
  • Stormy Castle
    Hot Skirmish Stormy Castle
    (4.68) Cheat: Infinite money.
  • The King`s League: Odyssey
    Hot Strategy The King`s League: Odyssey
    (4.84) Cheat: V1.23! Infinite money, crystals and training points.
  • Deadswitch 2
    Hot Action Deadswitch 2
    (4.71) Cheat: V1.2! Press 4 to restock ammo, 5 to toggle invulnerability, 7 to add credits, 8 to add money, 9 to add XP.
  • Hands of War 3
    Hot RPG Hands of War 3
    (4.45) Cheat: Press F to toggle health, G to toggle mana.
  • Epic Battle Fantasy 4
    Hot RPG Epic Battle Fantasy 4
    (4.80) Cheat: V1.5! Infinite HP, MP.
  • Bearbarians
    Hot Hack And Slash Bearbarians
    (4.74) Cheat: V1.4! Press Z to toggle invulnerability, X to level up, C add money.
  • Demons vs Fairyland
    Hot Tower Defense Demons vs Fairyland
    (4.76) Cheat: Infinite money. Infinite mana.
  • Arm of Revenge
    Hot Beat`em Up Arm of Revenge
    (4.77) Cheat: Lots of health.
  • Potty Racers 4
    Hot Arcade Potty Racers 4
    (4.71) Cheat: Press 1 to add $9999.
  • Feed Us 4
    Hot Mayhem Feed Us 4
    (4.74) Cheat: Type in the cheats menu: Invincible: CHAIN, Extra meat in water: MEAT, Piranha sticks to the mouse: STICK, Eat victims in one bite: BITE, + 200 000 litres of blood: BLOOD, Be the monster fish: FISH, Boost anywhere anytime: BOOST
  • Rawr
    Hot RPG Rawr
    (4.72) Cheat: Press 1 to toggle invulnerability, 2 to add money.
  • Legend of the Void
    Hot RPG Legend of the Void
    (4.72) Cheat: V1.2.1! Unlimited health/mana potions. Press key G to pickup 500 gold, X to add 1000 xp. You are supposed to lose the first fight.