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Doodle Devil Hacked

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Doodle Devil
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Cheat: Infinite instant hints.
  • Doodle Devil Screenshot
  • Doodle Devil Screenshot
  • Doodle Devil Screenshot
  • Doodle Devil Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite instant hints.

Game Description

Play the role of the devil and create all the horrible things in the world. Mix and match different elements to produce murder, the seven deadly sins, and many other evil traits in your goal to destroy everything that is good.

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  • if clicking the bottom start button didnt work (like what happened to me):
    right click the start button
    select "Play"
    if there's a black screen right click the black screen
    select "Play" again
    and it should work. if it doesnt try hitting Play over and over until it does.

  • is this Episode 4???
  • it took 23 hours!!!!! 23 hors god i hate this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lol fun game
  • Everybody else is saying the game didn't work, but it worked for me the 1st time >:(
    Anyway great game! I liked it!
  • LOL *** + money = censored LOL
  • human + greed = gambling
  • human+apple=sin,knowledge
  • human+human=friendship
  • Doodle Devil = Just like the real life! LOL
  • This game needs a walktrough...
  • Elements 75/100 Groups 11/11
  • lol magic+human=worm epic fail
    i was expecting a wizard or something
  • I HAVE ALL 1OO ELEMENTS!! woohoo! 11 groups, 1oo elements!
  • ELEMENTS 99/100 **** what is that one grrr!!!!
  • im fapping while playing doodle devil ^^
  • 99/100 and only 5 groups ^^
  • money+***= cesored? Who approves of this Game!? >:(
  • problably strip club.
  • BEEEP this game
  • i beat the game 100 elements and 11 groups
  • *** + money = censored
  • im on 99/100 and dont know what to do
  • the last one was human+greed.
    how did i not know that?
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