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New World Hacked

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New World
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Cheat: God mode.
  • New World Screenshot
  • New World Screenshot
  • New World Screenshot
  • New World Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

God mode.

Game Description

Modify your environment, grow trees, breed animals and try to survive the monsters at night! All in a retro fashion.

How To Play

W,A,S,D or Arrows: Move
J, Z, Click: Shoot / Use item
K, X: Action
L, C, Space: Jump
Q: Zoom
Esc: Pause
H: Display Controls

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  • good game
  • james1113 I Play Minecraft Im Also a Fan
  • James1113 if you see this i play minecraft too
  • colin it's stupid not stuped
  • good game ^^
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  • i love this game!!!! friend me if u like minecraft its first favorit game this game is 2nd
  • minecraft!
  • my fun goes down i need a game so i search it and happen the same and find this game and i going to play it this is a good game (parody of glad you came)
  • epiccccccccccccccccccccccccccc :)
  • i wish this was multiplayer like minecraft :3
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  • And hacked menu for terraria:
  • Good Day To You
  • good game
  • sorry guy is hacked menu for terraria 1.0.5 Try Get You Hacked menu
  • good game yeah
  • gayest game ever
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