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Ink Battle Hacked

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Ink Battle
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Cheat: Infinite money, mana.
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  • Ink Battle Screenshot
  • Ink Battle Screenshot
  • Ink Battle Screenshot

Cheat description (What's hacked?)

Infinite money, mana.

Game Description

Test your typing skills and protect the castle from evil ink blobs!

How To Play

Fill the mana bar by typing words from paper pieces. Type the names of units and upgrades to summon them. Defeat evil Inkblobs to protect the library! With gold you earn from each level, make sure to upgrade your troops and castle.

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  • -0th mother ****ers
  • 1st
  • damn iit!
  • i have 0 money
  • You won't get a medal when you say 1st or 2nd, or 3rd, or 1st in China... NOBODY GIVES A F-ING FLYING ****
  • Just because your not 1st... or 2nd..... or 3rd.... and obviously you do or you wouldn't have commentated on the subject
  • al u have to do is copy the word then just press CTRL then the letter v to paste and keep doing it
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  • ugh those dont read this comments, they dont work for me, at least i got a hug, right?
  • no one even cares about those types of messages acccept for people who dont have lives
  • that game is CRAP
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